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  1. I haven't tested this on the Windows client, but I have a gut feeling it is the same. When I type notes, I like to have an outline layout. It provides a detailed hiearchy and gives me a sense of flow to the content. I'm a student, and I use Evernote to track lecture notes, assignments, and exam material. Here's an example note. Part of it was recently imported from OneNote. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s319/sh/70be29e6-afac-4e37-879b-5c3de67292fa/37abd0330097988358e369f9f061bf67 When I hit TAB, it shifts the text to the right, as expected. However, when I hit enter, it goes to the beginning of the next line. It does not retain the current tab position. Is there a setting to allow this? Hitting tab repeatedly is really annoying. Video explanation here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jErSZxo1Tzg&feature=youtu.be System Information: Evernote Version 5.0.7 (400995) OS X 10.8.2 Apple MBP 2011
  2. Hello everyone! I just made the jump from OneNote to Evernote today, and I really love the Mac client. I use it on Windows, OS X, and iOS, and so far, I like what I see. I have a few questions though: Why does every version of Evernote ask for location data? I understand you can decline it, but why does it use it in the first place, if they are simply notes? Where can we submit feedback or ideas to make Evernote better?Thanks in advance!
  3. I would love to see some additional authentication with Evernote. Additionally, it would be nice if the team could use Google Authenticator. This way, they cover three mobile OS's and users who already use it would not have to install another application.
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