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  1. I am not sure where this question fits, so I am happy to be guided, or pointed at the right place within the forum. I use Evernote relentlessly for productivity. It would be nice to think "Getting Things Done on Steroids". I keep notes for every action. I regular make lists of notes, and lists of lists etc... for which Evernote is a perfect tool. Because of the way I work, maintaining an overview, and summarising my position is useful. Making a dashboard report out of the various Evernote parameters would be ideal. i.e. How many Notes are there in Notebook_A, how many notes are there tagged with both #TagA and #TagB. Therefore my question is as follows. Is there a way to access these parameters from any useful reporting front-end. This could be either Excel, Access, from within Wordpress, perhaps with shortcodes, or even straight HTML? Has anyone come across, or built any simple reporting application which uses Evernote Parameters to generate summary output that can then be manipulated? Many thanks, Karl.
  2. Thanks Jack. Much appreciated. I look forward to a fix, and a return to service as normal.
  3. @Chris, I use Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive and all work fine...
  4. YES. YES. YES. Laptop has now sync'd for the first time since November. Thanks @bmi. It has not been syncing on my home or work networks, or three networks I encountered travelling over Christmas. However, following your post, I configured the laptop to run off a 4G hotspot from my phone. This has worked. Let's see how long it lasts and how resilient it is. Again, many thanks @bmi.
  5. Gaz, " but what exactly (apart from fixing the problem now) would you have Evernote do?" Evernote should do the following: 1. Make a public announcement acknowledging that they have a serious problem with their Windows product and that at present it cannot be relied upon, and should not be used for trusted work. This should come from senior management. 2. Write to all of their Windows Platform users and inform them that they have the problem, what the problem is associated with, what they are doing about it, and when they expect to have resolved the problem. 3. Write to all of their Windows Platform Premium Users and refund Premium Payments - or at least give Premium for free until the issue is resolved, extending the service for the duration of the problem, which is only fair. (Which incidentally I have had since November and despite all the chatter, proposed fixes, new versions, and checklist, across multiple internet locations, (and a new laptop), and hours of my own time wasted, is still unresolved.) 4. Provide regular (weekly) updates to their user base regarding progress with the issue. Let me ask you this: What would you expect your TV Channel Provider, ISP, Car Manufacturer, or local Emergency Ward to do if they were unable to provide the normal service that clients had subscribed to and paid for? If Evernote care about their customers and want to be seen to offer a customer focused service, currently they have a way to go.
  6. Do any Evernote Employees read these posts? Please reply. Can Evernote or an Employee of them at the very least make a public statement that there is a serious problem with synchronisation on the Evernote Windows platform. What response are Evernote making to the issue? Is it there intention to resolve it, or carry on head-in-the-sand frustrating and upsetting paying customers? I would really appreciate a formal response from Evernote. Customer Service is useless, and many have tried that route to no avail.
  7. Frankysea, thanks for the update, it is much appreciated. I continue to struggle, with no synchronisation on my Laptop. Many thanks, Karl.
  8. Thanks LloydGarry, I am glad that you have fixed yours. I have followed your method to the letter and it has not worked. It still does not sync. 13:53:44 [3460] 10% * retrieving batched resource {CCFCABB1-77E3-4621-9B49-F26E4883226C}13:53:44 [3460] 10% No more data to read.13:53:44 [2112] 10% Done waiting for 11 sync tasks13:53:45 [2112] 10% Waiting for 2 sync tasks13:53:45 [2112] 10% Done waiting for 2 sync tasks13:53:45 [5856] Client synchronization finished, status: failed13:53:45 [5856] * 226 items received13:53:45 [5856] * elapsed time: 4m 3s Regarding Broadband Speed:5.50 Mbps Download9.82 Mbps Upload Suggesting that this matter is not related to Internet Speed. This has all taken another hour of my time.
  9. Gaz, thanks for the link to the new release. I have now revo uninstalled. Turned off all other windows devices. Emptied Trash. Re-installed the latest pre-release from your link. Sync still does not work: 09:48:43 [3136] 10% No more data to read.09:48:43 [3396] 10% Done waiting for 11 sync tasks09:48:43 [3396] 10% Waiting for 2 sync tasks09:48:43 [3396] 10% Done waiting for 2 sync tasks09:48:43 [1952] Client synchronization finished, status: failed09:48:43 [1952] * 226 items received09:48:43 [1952] * elapsed time: 4m 25s V. Frustrated!
  10. Still doesn't work to resolve sync issue: 09:48:43 [3136] 10% No more data to read.09:48:43 [3396] 10% Done waiting for 11 sync tasks09:48:43 [3396] 10% Waiting for 2 sync tasks09:48:43 [3396] 10% Done waiting for 2 sync tasks09:48:43 [1952] Client synchronization finished, status: failed09:48:43 [1952] * 226 items received09:48:43 [1952] * elapsed time: 4m 25s I've now spent more than a working week on banging my head against Evernote.Please can you acknowledge this issue and confirm when it is going to get fixed.What is the advantage of paying for Premium when it doesn't work and there is no demonstration of a commitment to fix it?
  11. Thanks Chris, I thought I had deleted everything with Revo. The new computer is 3 weeks old, and has never sync'd properly on Evernote. I do have another computer running windows. I will turn it off when I get home and go through the process again. Yes, all of my notes are on the web version. I did reboot after uninstall. I will try again later and report. Regards, Karl.
  12. Thanks Chris, inspired by your post, I have downloaded Revo Uninstaller on my old laptop and completely removed Evernote. Likewise, completely uninstalled on my new laptop. Also, ensured that the Trash Notebook was empty online. Downloaded the most recent version of Evernote onto my new laptop and reinstalled. And it does not sync. .... 13:40:36 [2668] 10% Submitting a batch of 7 note calls, size=3.9MB13:40:36 [2064] Finding related content for note 49513:40:37 [1736] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s3513:40:39 [2064] * Retrieved from server 12 related content items for note 49513:40:59 [2668] 10% No more data to read.13:40:59 [4256] Client synchronization finished, status: failed13:40:59 [4256] * 226 items received13:40:59 [4256] * elapsed time: 4m 42s So, another hour wasted on the Evernote Sync problem. No further forward, and further frustrated.Surely this must conclude that it is something to do with note content? Am I missing something? Only 2,500 notes though...
  13. Dear Gazumped, I agree, I think your Checklist suggestion would be super. We could then identify whether the problem is solvable or else hone in on what the issue is. What are your thoughts on the checklist? I might start as follows: - Check Internet Explorer SSL and TLS settings. - Remove all system files and install EN, re-sync Am I missing anything?
  14. Dear Gazumped, thanks for your response, it is appreciated. As someone very vested in using what to date has been a great product, its failings are very frustrating, particularly when paying for a service which is then not forthcoming. You say stepping back to a previous version. How do I get hold of previous versions of the software? The web site only offers the most recent version. Since I have now upgraded my laptop, can you recommend a version that definitely works on Windows 8.1, as it is clear that the latest does not. I am not sure that I understand your analogy regarding databases and clocks. Perhaps since I am unaware of what tinkering I can make to adjust the database other than completely removing it and re-installing it, which having done so many times I am loathe to try again. Your help is appreciated. I particularly agree with your point that so long as Evernote fail to clearly explain what the problem is, it seems that it is simply poor (or poorly managed) customer service, palming off the situation, and one wonders whether the issue is actually getting looked at.
  15. Dear Gazumped, I am amazed that you continue to deny the problem. You act like a senior Evernote employ with a hidden agenda. The email to me from evernote support is here: "Xxxxxx X. (Evernote Support) Jan 08 14:08 Karl, Thanks for the log data. The engineers will find that very helpful. I'll make sure that they receive the files. I'll keep you posted on future developments. I don't have any exact dates for a fix, but it is still a top priority for the Windows team at the moment. There are many other users with the same errors in their logs. I appreciate your patience and cooperation on this issue. Regards, Xxxxxx X." Ferocious Feline, I have uninstalled and rebuilt the database more than 12 times over two laptops. It is a complete waste of time. I would suggest waiting until Evernote formally issue an acknowledgement of this severe problem and issue a solution. I have wasted days on this issue, and the response from Evernote customer support does not appear to indicate an understanding of the issue or imminent resolution. Gazumped, rather than continuing to espouse the assumption that Evernote and their support are brilliant, denying the possibility of a technical fault, and that failings are due to users, do you have any real connection to the management team at Evernote that could actually generate a real solution to this issue which is clearly disrupting the productive work of many people?
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