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  1. I am not sure where this question fits, so I am happy to be guided, or pointed at the right place within the forum. I use Evernote relentlessly for productivity. It would be nice to think "Getting Things Done on Steroids". I keep notes for every action. I regular make lists of notes, and lists of lists etc... for which Evernote is a perfect tool. Because of the way I work, maintaining an overview, and summarising my position is useful. Making a dashboard report out of the various Evernote parameters would be ideal. i.e. How many Notes are there in Notebook_A, how many notes are there tagged with both #TagA and #TagB. Therefore my question is as follows. Is there a way to access these parameters from any useful reporting front-end. This could be either Excel, Access, from within Wordpress, perhaps with shortcodes, or even straight HTML? Has anyone come across, or built any simple reporting application which uses Evernote Parameters to generate summary output that can then be manipulated? Many thanks, Karl.
  2. Do any Evernote Employees read these posts? Please reply. Can Evernote or an Employee of them at the very least make a public statement that there is a serious problem with synchronisation on the Evernote Windows platform. What response are Evernote making to the issue? Is it there intention to resolve it, or carry on head-in-the-sand frustrating and upsetting paying customers? I would really appreciate a formal response from Evernote. Customer Service is useless, and many have tried that route to no avail.
  3. JMichael, did you manage to resolve the issue. I am still getting the same problem, over a month later and many uninstall - reinstall - reboots. Not only that, I have bought a new laptop and it still does not sync.
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