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  1. @Jackolicious Not sure where to post beta bugs/feature requests. Please direct me to right location as required. After moving a note via the "Move Note" drop down (invoked by ctrl-command-m) the focus is not transferred to any particular note. If a note is moved from the inbox, the next note should gain focus. This makes processing the inbox via keyboard difficult as you have grab the mouse to click back on the notes list to select the next note. Thanks. Marcus.
  2. It would be great to auto-disable the Evernote Web Clipper when the developer tool Web Inspector is open. The Web Clipper introduces a lot 'noise' into the Web Inspector. I end up having to turn the Web Clipper off - which I then forget to turn back on. Examples of 'noise' are loading resources such as snap.wav, variable_coordinator.css, variable_iframe.css and running javascript
  3. There is a 7.0.2 update. It did not fix the issue for me. I did the delete->restart->install via iTunes as well.
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