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  1. Thanks! But my Android is not rooted, and if I root it I guess I'll lose its drive contents... I guess I'm at a dead end...
  2. sadly i don't know enough about those devices to advise.. i suppose you could always mirror the entire device via usb debugging + adb(aka download a mirror copy of the devices flash drive) i've done that for backup before.. and then scanning through that local file on your computer instead.. could you please specify the adb part...? Anyone?
  3. sadly i don't know enough about those devices to advise.. i suppose you could always mirror the entire device via usb debugging + adb(aka download a mirror copy of the devices flash drive) i've done that for backup before.. and then scanning through that local file on your computer instead.. could you please specify the adb part...?
  4. I felt i should follow up for anyone else who goes through this, as it will happen to more especially after the mass password reset killing syncing.. evernote support was *completely* unhelpful with the situation and they had no copy of my local unsycned notes... ------- PS sorry in advance of all the typos... sadly i feel i wasted too many hours of my life over evernote from recovering my data to typing this out already... i'm sorry but i don't have the energy to go through and correct all the typos too.. Hopefully you will still find it useful... -------- i might add, this happened to me AGAIN with that pass reset thing they did testerday too.. It is idiotic to force a password reset, and not have the android app pop up a box saying bad password, please enter new password.. instead it just does failed sync.. failed sync... failed sync.. you can't even go into the account settings to touch your account and put in a new password.. i tried countless ways... the only way to change the pass is to log out and back in.. which like you said happened to you.. deletes all local notes... now in my situation this time i was a little more prepared... i had since installed a desktop client too.. the first thing at signs of trouble i went and told it to backup all notes to a file... so i could reimport if needed... luckily most of my notes were done on the desktop this time rather then the android.. why there isn't such an option to save all notes or auto backup all local notes on logout on the android is beyond me.. now for the bad news, you will find your notes are completely deleted.. i downloaded android apps that search the file system to undelete and they found nothing... everynote doesn't just delete them, but it does so in a way to make them unrecoverable via standard methods.. i tried a number of other methods to recover them.. all failed.. finally i plugged it into my computer and mounted the android's storage as a drive on the computer.. i thought perchance if it truely mounts as an external drive, perchance desktop undelete/unerase recovery software might have more luck recovering it.. sadly after trying some of the most popular software out there for that, they found nothing.. even when doing deep scans of on a sector by sector basis they found nothing... i was about to give up all hope... i was afraid i would have to drop all my college courses without the notes... i decided to try one last thing.. a number of years ago i had been involved in data recovery/forsenics for my work.. knowing in a regular filesystem, files don't get completely removed i thought it was worth a shot to do it on the android to see if it worked the same way.. it took time, but i DID end up FULLY RECOVERING my notes back this way... sadly i ended up getting 3-4 versions of each note in various stages of completetion, and without what notebook they belonged to, but i was able to manually go through each, look at which note was the longest version of the same notes, and delete the smaller ones.. and re-sort them into notebooks.. i had origionally been reading the last few lines to find the one with the most data.. but to make life quicker for you, i found it faster to just load them and look at which had the longest scrollbar (aka the most data) and keep that one.. obviously that trick would only apply to when you take notes (like i was) where you mainly just add content to previously saved notes(hence make them longer), as opposed to being more of a post-save editor where you just make a lot of changes to content but not length... in which case you'd need to compare the contents more thouroughly.. So in otherwords if you have lost your notes on the android.. and all else has failed... don't fear you have one more option to try.. but it does require some time on your part.. so here are my instructions for recovery,,, go to this site and download a copy of winhex.. you can download the free evaluation version which is fine if you only have text notes.. it has a limit of a meg or two per file, and text only notes are only a few kb.. http://winhex.com/winhex/ install it... and connect your android device via usb to your pc.. touch on the android status bar and tell your android to share the files with your pc so you can access it's storage... now for the fun part.. once the android drive is mounted.. load up winhex.. press F9 to open a disk... select the "LOGICAL" drive of the android device that has the android data files.. You will see a bunch of hex (letter and number gibberish to most people) Now from my exhaustive search of the device sector by sector trying to find any notes/data from evernote i was able to locate them and find a file structure that made it posible to do automated scans/searches.. I found that each note file on the android all has the same header.. "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd"><en-note"... They are basically saved as xml files with html markup within them.. So.. with that knowledge goto edit menu, click "find text" and enter "xml.evernote.com" without the quotes. Tell it to find.. It will start scanning the drive to locate any notes that still exist in the system.. with any luck you have just found your first note... now right click on the "<" at the begining of the notes.. (see the text i listed above regarding what is at the start of each note) click "begining of block" now scroll down.. and read through your note and look for the "</en-note>" tag. This signifies the end of your note. at the end of that tag, right click and "end of block" Now hit ctrl-shift-n (or the edit menu->copy block->into new file) now you would continue the search and copying notes found to files.. save your files to your harddrive etc.. Now you'll have a bunch of xml files with your notes.. but you will have many duplicated copies of the same note as well in various states of completeltion.. you'll have to sort through them and remove the duplicates manually.. beyond that.. I didn't do my homework here, i know there is supposedly someway to import them into evernote as is, but i wasn't able to find out how to do that.. so i just removed the html tags from them and pasted each note back into a new note within evernote.. it was a little extra work but it worked for me.. maybe someone else can add to this with knowledge of how to import them as-is to make it easier from that stage.. What about if your device doesn't allow to be seen as a regular USB device by Windows (let's say, Sony Xperia P which has MTP file transfer only)? Please help... I lost a bunch of info that me and other persons relied on...
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