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  1. Make some improvement on text editor. It's getting really old these days. Get rid of the chat thing. Who chats on note app?? Get rid of upgrade advertisement from premium user's workspace. What kind of premium user needs upgrade?? Encrypt users' notes. So you can't peek on my things in the future. Don't use users' notes. It's stored on your server, but I will not consent.
  2. Just improve note taking ux. I don't need help from AI on organizing my personal stuff. You clearly have a lot of user requests regarding note itself. Oh did I say I don't believe you anymore.
  3. Evernote, you should have used your employee's notes to test machine learning. At least, you should have asked users to participate in the process, not add all users and making no way out. I'm leaving evernote and will not come back ever. Even if this policy does not take effect, I think you will do things like this in the future anyway.
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