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  1. A whole batch of notes have somehow had their "date created" changed. I used this field to order my notes (the notebook in question is essentially a journal). I've checked the "info" page and it doesn't show any history other than date created and date updated which are now both the same. I see that I can easily change the date created but I don't have a note of when I originally created the note. I've checked the history in the desktop app but the imported version has the "new" created date, not the actual one. I'm using the Android app and the desktop version. The issue is the same in both. Any tips?
  2. I'm trying to create a note in Evernote on iPad mini. The note content is longer than the screen. When the keypad is on the screen I can't see the bottom of the note to paste content to it. If I take the keypad off the screen, I can see the bottom of the note, but with the keypad visible (which I need for editing) the note won't scroll down and allow pasting. Any advice? Or can it be fixed please Thanks!
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