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  1. I am finding that the increased frequency at which I'm seeing the update dialog is becoming very annoying. Even worse, it's a modal dialog which prevents me getting work done until I've dismissed it. How often is this supposed to appear? I'm not trying to access any "Pro" features.
  2. Don Eireannach

    mac Evernote for Mac 6: Design Feedback

    I actually love the new colour scheme. I always hated skeumorphism in its more extreme Steve Forstall form, and was continually disappointed that Evernote seemed to want to keep the horrible skeumorphic design long after apple saw the light. Even the default fonts were a hark back to the awful skeumorphic UI.
  3. I'm getting a little tired of the constant "Tours" of functionality that are foisted upon me at login, particularly to the web version. Please resist the temptation to do this. Make it easy to find functionality when needed. Don't waste my time forcing me to look at Group Chat, or whatever it's called, as I was forced to this morning. Also, "yes" and "no" are perfectly OK on a computer instead of "Got it!" and "No thanks!", which take longer to read.
  4. Don Eireannach

    ios Penultimate on iPhone 6 and/or 6+ ?

    I would like to Penultimate on the iPhone 6 plus as well.
  5. Evernote app is selected to auto start at login, but does not respect the "Hide" preference in Login preferences.
  6. Don Eireannach

    mac (Archived) Evernote 5.0.7 For Mac

    Ah ha chirmer - that helps! Thank you! Now, if only the developers would get rid of the horrible grey background. What was wrong with the previous clean modern interface?
  7. Don Eireannach

    mac (Archived) Evernote 5.0.7 For Mac

    The new menu-bar note creation would be great IF you could directly specify the title and also change the Notebook if you need to. As it is, it's more iOS-ification of what was a great app. I'd rather a "New note..." menu item like there used to be. Thumbs-down to this release unfortunately.
  8. Don Eireannach

    mac (Archived) Please change the UI back to pre 5.0

    The Skeumorphic design is just horrible. Evernote used to be so clean on Mac and iOS. Please at least give us a way to turn it off. Is it just the Mac edition that has this horrible UI?