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  1. I've given up on Evernote because of this. At first I was excited that the Windows RT client showed up, since I thought that meant I could finally have all the same notes across my Surface RT, iPhone, MacBook, and Windows machines. Because of this I've migrated everything to OneNote. They're only missing a native Mac client (so far), but the OneNote web app works perfectly well on the Mac. There's simply no reason to use Evernote if you own a Surface RT.
  2. This thread has gone quiet, but I haven't seen any updates to Evernote Touch in the Windows store yet. Evernote is still unusable on my Surface RT. Any word on progress on this issue?
  3. I uninstalled/reinstalled the first time I hit this. It's at best a temporary solution. After a very short while you'll be right back to constant crashes.
  4. Same here. Evernote Touch is completely unusable on Surface RT. Could someone from the Evernote team please chime in here, even if only to say you're aware of the problems?
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