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  1. I think all-too-often EN has been guilty of adding extra features, which users may or may not depend on, at the expense of basic functionality, which most users count on. This is one such example. Is there any way to disable this functionality (highlighter active by default when clippling)? It is hugely annoying. I've never in several years of using EN had to highlight anything; that's just not the way I use the EN clipper. (In fact, I use the EN clipper for... clipping.) But I need to copy and paste from EN clips several times per day, and this functionality always gets in the way.
  2. I agree with atangel's worrisome point. Many of us find Evernote to be a truly useful, almost essential application. We would hate to see it go away or not succeed, in the same way a photographer would miss his Photoshop were it to become unavailable. Which is one of the reasons we become Premium users. But this whole "Evernote Market" business is instilling a great deal of fear in us Evernote clients. Is the company so unprofitable that it depends on whatever commission it can make on the sale of bags and socks in order to stay alive? Is its business model so misguided that it now needs extract extra revenue from already paying customers, even at the risk of alienating them with a commercialized user interface? Should we start looking for other, competing applications with better long-term prospects to store our data in?
  3. I'm sorry, Evernote developers, but, for Premium subscribers the "Market" section you have added to the latest (7.0.1) version for iOS 7 has to go. There is no justification not to make it optional. Make showing it the default, if you so wish, but an option must be added to be allowed to hide it. This is an egregious violation of a tacit, logical agreement: we pay you so we don't have to see any ads. I don't care what the EULA says, that is what the "freemium" business model on which you operate is all about. I didn't really need the extra space allowance or the OCR, so there were only two reasons I became a paying customer: to support what I saw as a good product, and to not have to see any ads, which I detest, mainly on aesthetic grounds. Evernote is an essential component of my work and personal workflows. I open it dozens of times per day, as do many other users, I am sure. If I am paying for it there is no reason why you should turn my screen into a commercial landscape for other products you make money on. If an option to hide the "Market" section isn't forthcoming, I will revert to being a non-paying user, perhaps stop using EN entirely.
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