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  1. Oh, but, you speak with such authority. This is a user forum, and this topic is for users who'd like to see a Linux version of the product. So, this is the appropriate place to voice those ideas. Insofar as we, even including people like you, are free here to voice our opinions as users of the product, it is indeed a democracy. If you find that threatening, perhaps you should look for other forum topics more to your liking. There must be a hints topic, or some place you can favor us with your ingenious Evernote user hints. I encourage you to go there.
  2. It's great to have an employee of Evernote here to keep us informed of the inside scoop on product planning and development!
  3. Yes, too bad there's no way to accrue payments from multiple customers and add it to whatever capitalization is required for funding development. Oh well, there's only $70 in the dev budget for this. Not enough. Right, bro?
  4. Same problem. OnePlusOne, Android 6.0.1 Evernote 7.7.1 ETA on the fix? Do I need to request a trouble ticket? thanks..
  5. Android, Windows, Linux (when that version happens, ha ha), all need Save to Contacts. Thanks for any help in getting this feature implemented. --------------------------- FOLLOWUP: I have found that, although I am not seeing a Save to Contacts option in Camera|Business Cards, there is a "save to contacts" option presented when you take a card photo. It allows us to send the card OCR information to Contacts. Nice.
  6. Ah, thanks @BurgersNFries, for the response. Good for Windows users if their app is the gold standard. The issue remains, however, frequent feature implementation divergence. Too bad. If it works for you, great though.
  7. ?? Are you saying that Mac / iOS users *don't* need to wait for fixes? You should probably read some of the forum topics by Mac and iOS users -- you might get a different idea... Nope, that's not what I wrote.
  8. Hello forum topic contributers (and any EN folks doing the due diligence perusal) I've been testing out EN for business and personal use for some time now, across multiple versions. OS's include WinXP, Android up to 4.x, and Ubuntu 13.x. WhiIe EN shows promise, and has proven useful, it is dissappointing that, afaik, the full EN feature set is not available on Ubuntu Linux (as far as I've seen so far, the web view doesn't offer the full feature set) , just as it has been dissapointing to find the divergent feature support between OSX and Windows - the constant lag in equalizing feature support, and the rather cryptic or misleading application error messaging regarding these issues has not been too helpful as well. It was nice to see the recent notification regarding the efforts to address this continued problem - even if we won't see all the editing features in Windows or Android that we see in the Apple flavor, some serious effort is going into achieving a some kind of fix. Good. What worries me is that this kind of contined divergence in feature support suggests that the choices in basic EN coding implementations mean that EN will never and can never achieve standard cross OS support. Operating system users outside of the Apple ecosystem will always have to wait for fixes - if I was running a heterogenous office environment, and the office OS was OSX, I might not care. But, I'm not, and it doesn't look like I'll have that pleasure any time soon. Anyway, it's been nice testing out EN, and I may give it some more time, but it's looking like we'll have to abandon this useful application sometime soon, and turn to less integrated but more standard methods. Too bad.
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