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  1. BTW, I just tried downloading the new Beta (5.6) and am encountering the same issue. Add-on screen says it will be installed after I restart but I've done that and still get nothing.
  2. @jbignert - FF ver. 15.0.1, which is the lastest version supported by my firm's IT department. OS is Windows 7
  3. Up until a few days ago, the Web Clipper add-on was working fine. Now it isn't. I have now downloaded version 5.5.1 and it appears in the Add-On screen saying it will be installed on FF restart. I have restarted and . . . nothing. I also went to Options->Toolbar Layout to see if the Icon was there (that was how I had to install on a previous version). Again . . . nothing. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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