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  1. THANK YOU!!! It was so easy yet I would never had found it:-)!! Thanks so much!
  2. Hello. I was downloading a bunch of notes off a website and was being prompted each time which program I wanted to use to "open" it...It gave me the choice of OTHER and then I could choose Evernote - which was REALLY helpful. I believe in my excitement there was a box that said "check this box to have this be your default". Well ever since then EVERY document I try to download or view gets put into Evernote! I had a basic membership and this forced me to buy the premium because I kept getting prompts that I was approaching my maximum monthly allowance. Does anybody know where to find the settingi to change this back to asking me each time???
  3. Changing the password on the web didn't work for me either! Please let me know if there is another update or fix - I loved this feature!
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