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  1. Solved! 1) I deleted Evernote installation folder, and every file with Evernote in the name; 2) CCleaner to clean registry; 3) Manual clean on registry searching for Evernote Until there, I could launch the installer but got an error about just one user installation allowed... Then, I did what this post recommended: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22282-%E2%9C%94-latest-evernote-cant-be-installed-after-old-version-not-uninstalled-properly/page-10#entry125311 It worked fine... Finally I have my beloved notes with me, again... :-) P.S. The folder where I found the log file was c:\users\alexgv\appdata\local\Temp, where alexgv is my user on Windows 7.
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