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  1. Hi Heather. Thanks for your reply. I was able to login and reset my email and password with the help of Jackolicious’ instructions. Just a thought ... One thing you could implement (that I've seen other companies doing) is add an option for a second email address. I could have avoided my issues if I had been able to add my backup contact email address.
  2. Yes, Jackolicious! That did help. However, it was very confusing because I assumed that my password no longer worked at all—since it wasn't working when I tried to login to my account on iOS. Thanks! — My criticism of the chat service still stands. If EVERNOTE wants to build stronger brand loyalty, especially after being hacked, restricting certain customer service options to premium members only is a mistake. In my case, it actually hurt a premium member—something I don't think that was intended when the service was restricted to premiums. On a brand loyalty note. I know that many will be rethinking cloud computing after the hacking events over the last few week. Building better communication is the key to keeping members happy, while maintaining the trust. Thank you for your time. Terry Gherman www.tygher.com
  3. Here's an excerpt from the email I sent to Evernote: Regarding contacting Evernote, I find it troubling that I cannot use live chat if I do not have my username and password working. In this situation we find ourselves—your site being hacked and passwords being reset—I find this to be a really huge oversight on your part. Please change your chat to be open to anyone, especially since you do not appear to even have a phone number to reach customer service at. I'm very concerned now that your service is not as PREMIUM as you claim ... even though that's what I'm paying for. — Now, here's the issue in it's entirety. I cannot reset my password, as I just completed changing my URL and no longer have access to the original email I registered with Evernote. This is also the email that is considered Premium. Since I have to use a new email address to contact customer support, an email address that is not associated with my premium account, they do not guarantee a 1-day business reply. In what I do recognize to be a worst-case scenario, this does not work for me or for anyone that I can imagine. I'm in the middle of a site design for my client and some vital information is stored in my account. It's been four days now and I'm in a serious pickle! Any suggestions on how to contact them directly. Not using existing system which does not work.
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