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  1. Hi Heather. Thanks for your reply. I was able to login and reset my email and password with the help of Jackolicious’ instructions. Just a thought ... One thing you could implement (that I've seen other companies doing) is add an option for a second email address. I could have avoided my issues if I had been able to add my backup contact email address.
  2. Yes, Jackolicious! That did help. However, it was very confusing because I assumed that my password no longer worked at all—since it wasn't working when I tried to login to my account on iOS. Thanks! — My criticism of the chat service still stands. If EVERNOTE wants to build stronger brand loyalty, especially after being hacked, restricting certain customer service options to premium members only is a mistake. In my case, it actually hurt a premium member—something I don't think that was intended when the service was restricted to premiums. On a brand loyalty note. I know that man
  3. Here's an excerpt from the email I sent to Evernote: Regarding contacting Evernote, I find it troubling that I cannot use live chat if I do not have my username and password working. In this situation we find ourselves—your site being hacked and passwords being reset—I find this to be a really huge oversight on your part. Please change your chat to be open to anyone, especially since you do not appear to even have a phone number to reach customer service at. I'm very concerned now that your service is not as PREMIUM as you claim ... even though that's what I'm paying for. — Now, here's
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