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  1. I designate thumbnail-esque as the word of the month.
  2. Well thanks. I get the concept of titles and the smart thing but it just seems stuck and repeated ly comes up with the suggestion 'porno @cork'. I do live nearish to Cork but don't do porn. This is pretty embarrassing if I use Evernote in public and I really need to change it.
  3. I'm getting some strange auto filled title in a new note before I fill in my own title. At the moment it includes the word Porno which I'm pretty sure I have not ever used so it gives the impression it is some kind of spam or hacker but maybe I'm just getting paranoid! Anyone else seen anything like this? Is the title automagically filled by some background process or can a default be set or cleared somehow?
  4. Hi. I would like to become an Evernote Ambassador as I am already an (unofficial) Evangelista for Evernote. All the best Dave (Recovering dyslexic)
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