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  1. Whoever designed the "NEW" desktop layout should be SACKED - IT IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!! 1) Now get meeting icon - NOT INTERESTED 2) Now get Chat icon - NOT INTERESTED 3) Search now NOT available until I click on the little magnifying glass then it changes page so that I cannot see the last note to pick something from it to find other notes! 4) After viewing a note from the search list I CANNOT GO BACK TO ALL OF MY NOTES! - Search results DO NOT SHOW A MENU on the left side (obviously well tested - NOT) so had to close the window and then open a new window and log on again (PS pressing X on the search did NOT return to before the search). 5) What idiot decided to put the HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR as a floating bar at the bottom of the note? Now, to see the right side of a note I have to scroll all he way to the bottom of the note (to find the horizontal scroll bar), then scroll right then scroll up back to the area that was off screen and now too high to view at the same time as the horizontal scroll bar! Then repeat in reverse to get back to the left side of the note. IMPOSSIBLE TO READ ANYTHING THAT IS WIDER THAN THE VIEWABLE PAGE! Really useful - NOT! 6) SCREWED UP MY SHORTCUT that used to take me straight into Evernote - now goes to a page where I have to go through a log in every time. 7) After 5 minutes of this rubbish I found, in settings, that I could GO BACK TO THE OLD BRILLIANT STYLE (that was not broke so why mess it up?). - The OLD style lets me see my notes and scroll them vertical and horizontal with ease (NOT possible in new version) - The OLD style lets me see my notebooks AND my Tags at the SAME time (NOT possible in new version) - I can SEARCH at any time without having to find a magnifying glass AND continue to use the product without closing the window and logging back in (NOT possible in new version) - I can see my notes whilst entering a search term (NOT possible in new version) - I do not have unwanted icons (Meetings & Chats) thrust upon me pushing my wanted links further down the page (NOT possible in new version) All in all, this has got to be the WORST UPDATE by company and for no good reason. I strongly believe that there will be countless other reasons why the "new" desktop version will not be liked. I think that Evernote has made a major error of judgement forcing upon new users who will probably drop Evernote as unusable, as likely will current users if the new version is forced upon them.
  2. Thanks for replying, however, your response is NOT correct. As I started above, in my comments for the problem, the options (App on Android) are:- 1. "Note@location" (auto titling = ON) Or 2. "Untitled Note" (auto titling = OFF). This is NOT the same as on the desktop version whereby the first line becomes the title. That is the same result that I want on the app for the first line to be automatically copied to be the title. This would also give a consistent behaviour for both the desktop and the Android app (and should also apply to the IOS app).
  3. Currently the choice is either "Untitled Note" or "Note@location". It would be far more useful if the title was automatically set to be the same as the first line of the note as it can be in the desktop version. That would save us having to remember to copy and paste the first line of the note into the title field in order to avoid an unhelpful title. For consistency across platforms this should be implemented.
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