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  1. Well, with Google Reader going away in a couple of months, I imagine the developers are focused on either creating their own backend for synchronizing, or developing interfaces for one or more other rss services. So, I doubt they're going to be worried about the direct Evernote interface until they first ensure that they can stay in business. Perhaps after they figure that out, they'll can address this Evernote issue. As others have noted, one workaround for the time being is simply to select "Mail Article" in the Reeder app and email your article to your Evernote account. The following link seems to provide a good overview of emailing content into your Evernote account. For those folks less familiar with this funcationality, it might be a helpful resource: http://michaelhyatt.com/how-to-email-your-documents-directly-to-evernote.html
  2. INTRO I'm experiencing the same problem, but ONLY on iPad 2. I tend to doubt it's an iOS problem, as I am on iOS 5.1.1 and yet am having the exact same experience (i.e., Reeder keeps cycling on the Evernote login screen). DETAILS I have an iPhone 3GS and an iPad 2, both iOS 5.1.1. WORKS: Reeder (latest version, 3.0.6) syncs just fine with Evernote on my IPHONE 3GS. DOES NOT WORK: Reeder for iPad (latest version, 1.5.7) does not sync with Evernote on my IPAD 2. SUSPICIONS First, I think the problem is specific to Reeder for iPad (v1.5.7). Is anyone having this problem with the iPhone version? Second, and possibly important, I noticed that the iPhone version has to bring up Safari to perform the initial Evernote login and authorization for Reeder to do certain things with my Evernote account. Indeed, the iPhone version of Reeder even brings up a pop-up notification when attempting to setup Evernote syncing telling the user that they will be taken to Safari to do the login and authorization. The iPad version, however, does NOT present the user with this pop-up notice and does NOT switch to Safari but rather asks for the user's Evernote account creditionals within Reeder itself. Thus, I thnk there's good reason to believe that the problem is localized in Reeder for iPad's internal implementation of setting up the Evernote syncing. Interestingly, I thought that perhaps my iPad version would start working after I had success with the iPhone version, but getting the iPhone version working unfortunately did not resolve the problem on the iPad. FINAL COMMENTS Finally, and more generally, then, I have strong suspicions that the PROBLEM IS WITH REEDER FOR IPAD and NOT with Evernote. Thus, probably one of us should be taking this up with Silvio Rizzi (Reeder's author). Has anyone contact him or Reeder about this yet?
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