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  1. I get the error message fairly regularly... and of course, I'm not doing anything to revoke the applications access. I've submitted a support ticket, but if anyone knows of a solution to this, please share. I'll similarly post anything I find.
  2. I reported earlier that my update of Evernote did not provide the Quick Note functionality. I have two Mac's... a Mac Pro and a MacBook Air... and while the Mac Pro update did not provide the Quick Note functionality, the MacBook Air update did. Both are running the latest versions of all software. I think the difference was, that when I updated the Mac Pro using the Mac App Store, Evernote was running at the time. Of course, the update process quit Evernote, but for some reason, I don't think it quit properly. The Evernote icon was still in the menu bar. So I suspect the app didn't get properly updated... or at least the helper in the menu bar didn't. This is different from the MacBook Air update where Evernote was not running at all when I initiated the update from the Mac App Store. This update went flawlessly. To remedy the situation on my Mac Pro, I tried deleting the Evernote app from the Applications folder and re-installing from the App Store, but that didn't help. I guess whatever component is responsible for the menu bar helper did not get update doing that. Bottom line... someone needs to provide some instructions on how to properly update the menu bar helper portion in the case of a failed update from the Mac App store.
  3. I do not appear to be seeing this new Quick Note functionality. Do I need to do something to activate it? (I'm using the Mac App Store version of Evernote, if that matters.) Same here. No Quick Note. CMD+CTRL+N gives me a full new Evernote Note Window.
  4. Um, they *do* allow users to encrypt text. EN has never purported to be a password manager type application. If you need to store sensitive info, you can either encrypt it yourself or use a true password manager type application. I know that... but what about people that want to go paperless and store lots of sensitive PDF documents in Evernote?! Allowing optional encryption of Notes or whole Notebooks has got to be a good thing. Why are you against it?
  5. If EN encrypted all your notes on their server, they would not be able to do the indexing that is so helpful. You should search the board on security/encryption, as this has been discussed a lot already. They at least need to allow notes to be encrypted... if that means they are not indexable... fine. But if they refuse to do this, I guess the wake up call is for me then... the risk of storing sensitive personal information in Evernote is too great.
  6. Let this be a wake up call to Evernote... they need to prioritize data loss at the top of the stack, starting with complete encryption of all user data stored on their servers.
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