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  1. Links to Videos and articles about using Evernote for Fluency and Reflection: http://mrsgleason.blogspot.com/2013/04/increase-student-fluency-with-evernote.html http://mrsgleason.blogspot.com/2013/02/using-evernote-to-record-and-track.html Link to Article about using Evernote with the SAMR Model by Dr. Ruben Puentedura http://mrsgleason.blogspot.com/2013/02/using-evernote-with-samr-model.html
  2. Consider making this a lesson in the online world - you might be surprised at how aware your students already are of these risks. The students should be responsible for their own passwords - if not, then perhaps they're two young for authenticated apps like Evernote. No way around it - breaches happen. And password resets are the logical solution. I think that you misunderstood my question. The password needs to be changed on a computer before the account can be accessed on a device, specifically an iPad. Most of my classrooms are accessing their Evernote accounts on iPads. Teachers have certain curriculum that needs to be covered each day and have little time to spend taking their class to the lab in order to change passwords. Therefore, they may have to wait or want to wait for the next time I am available to their class, for some as late as next Friday. There is no risk to my students, all that will be found in my student's accounts are school work and fluency recordings... not of much interest to a hacker. What is more concerning is that student work may not be recovered if someone resets their password before the students do. What I am mostly saying is... If there is a breach and someone already knows my students' user names, what is to stop the hacker from resetting my students' passwords before the students get the chance to. If the reset could be done on the iPad then it would be easier to get every account reset on Monday, but someone still could take over the student accounts between now an Monday.
  3. Any educators out there? I have approximately 500 students that will not be able to get into their Evernote accounts on Monday morning. Most students are accessing their account from an iPad as many of my classrooms are in a 1:1 or share a cart situation. I have sent an email to all of my teachers, but resetting passwords in the computer lab was probably not in their plans for Monday and/or they would feel more comfortable to have me guide their students through the process. I only see each of my classes once a week which means some classes will not do the reset until Friday. If there is a breech, couldn't someone else reset their password before the students get a chance to reset it? Would love some ideas besides me spending my Saturday reseting 500 student passwords...
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