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  1. This is no longer the case. Either macOS Sierra or newest Evernote update changed the ability to open the pdf in Preview and save the same file. Now you will get a warning saying that the original file cannot be changed. Anyone know a solution to this?
  2. Our office uses Evernote as a digital filing system, but we still have a fair amount of printing that we have to do. We have been experiencing two significant issues with the 6.0 update and I'm wondering if there is any workaround other users could recommend until (hopefully) Evernote fixes this. Problem #1 - We used to be able to print notes in batches. I could select multiple notes, hit Command + P and it would print the ones that were selected. Not true anymore. Now it will only allow us to print the first one selected in the batch. Problem #2 - The vast majority of our notes consist of a PDF attachment (e.g. invoices from vendors), and before the update we could reliably hit Command + P to print the note, and it would print the PDF just fine. As long as the rest of the note was blank, it would ONLY print the PDF, which is what we wanted. But, after 6.0, we kissed that handy feature goodbye. Now the print preview shows up as a blank page, and 1 of 1 pages, so you can print just the second page. When you go to print, however, it will give you a blank sheet, followed by the PDF. Our current workaround for this is to open the PDF in Preview and then print, but this takes considerably more time and is a more disjointed workflow. Anyone else frustrated with these problems? Have a solution that you can post here? Any help would be appreciated!
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