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  1. Updating to 6.1.1 (452253 Direct) resolved this issue.
  2. Heya! I'm not sure if I'm the only one, I know there were bugs reported with 6.0.5 with high CPU utilization, but ever since I moved from beta to release channel 6.1, my CPU regularly hovers around 100-300% of my eight-cores (1-3 cores). Is Evernote processing notes in the background since the update? I'm not noticing any bandwidth utilization. How can I go about seeing what Evernote is doing?
  3. Hi. If you have not synced, the usage amount shows what you have put into your account from your desktop's perspective -- it is saying that IF you sync, THEN this amount of your upload allowance will be used. In that sense, it is correct, and it is quite useful if you are watching your usage and want to remove some items before syncing in order not to hit your limit. Desktop beta client is fully synced and usage is still showing discrepancy.
  4. I have not, nor would I like to empty my trash.
  5. Current issue that exists only in 5.0.6 Beta 2 client is readout of account's monthly usage. In the image below, the top is the account usage read through the web interface, bottom image is through the beta client. In iOS apps, for iPad and iPhone, readout is same as in web interface. Currently running beta on 10.8.2, contact via profile if more information is needed.
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