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  1. No sweat. I actually figured out today that my main laptop computer is still behaving with this issue, and I am only having problems on a little cheap notebook that I use to surf the web. I hope to become a useful member here. I'll go start another thread soon, but I am struggling with using the Web Clipper with my Kindle HD Fire as well. Nice to meet you folks!
  2. Funny. Nice Welcome, too. I've been lurking here a while, but I tend to post only when I have something to say. Assuming that you can read, you have probably already figured out that I have a computer with Evernote and my name is Bill. Other than mentioning that I am a Premium User, further introduction might prove superflous. When I started with EN it would automaticaly clip pages by right clicking and selecting "add to evernote." Last night, after not having used the Web Clipper for some days, it started clipping and saving only the urls. I found the toolbox option while searching here. However, the option box only pops up about half the time for me. I have to close and reopen the browser, trying again until I get the pop up "selection" window. I would prefer to clip the page automatically, by default, with a right click as before. Is there any way to roll back the updates one by one in order to determine whether it might be possible to return to prior functionality? Or, even better; set a default action for the right click opiton? Just curious. ETA: And yeah, I'm really a Pirate; what of it, gustavgi?
  3. Sweet! I found this thread by google search. Great resource, problem solved!
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