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  1. Bump! I write a lot of essays in which I like to put reference numbers next to some key lines & words. Either to expand on the text at the bottom of the page, to provide a source or to link to another note. Any journalist or person who takes his research seriously, but wants his/her text to stay neat, needs this feature. For now I've been copy pasting superscript text from word into Evernote. It would make it a lot more convenient if there was a button or at least CTRL + Shift + + was supported. Thanks!
  2. Just installed (268604). Problem is solved!
  3. I experience the exact same problem as described in this topic but on the WINDOWS version. Even switching to the latest beta, as suggested, doesn't do the trick. Right now I'm running Small recap : When I refer to a note in another notebook, the link fails to work correctly. Instead it always links me to this other note in the notebook I'm working in, which isn't related. However linking within the same notebook works fine. Any suggestions?
  4. I experience the exact same problem on the windows version, even switching to the latest beta didn't help. Now I'm running
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