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  1. This is a perfectly serious, non-snarky question: why is Skitch being in the dock a problem? Is it just a personal preference? Or does it interfere with something? Some people in this thread seem to feel very strongly about it and I don't understand why. I'm not trying to judge, just understand. Best of luck. Sorry it took me so long to reply -- I've been insanely busy and needed to carve out some time to play with both versions again to refresh my memory as to which factors were problematic for me. I did not take your question as snarky and appreciate the effort to understand. Here are my thoughts: Principle of Parsimony: when two roughly equal options are available, the simpler is preferred. Now, I understand they may not be equal in EN's eyes, but from the end user's standpoint, I can have Skitch in my menu bar only (under old version) or dock + menu bar (new version) [is dock only an option too?]. The practical aspect of this is that my cursor is generally hovering in the top half of the screen, so accessing skitch from the menu bar is easier/faster. Plus, I (like most Westerners I'd imagine) start my screen shot selection (cross-hair snap) in the Top Left corner, again making the access to skitch in the menu bar more economical;So under the current version, I guess the options are Skitch only in dock only or dock + menu bar. It makes no sense for my work flow to have it in the dock (which I reserve for apps used throughout the day every day -- mission critical, heavy applications). Of course, I open other heavy apps that exist there temporarily as needed. The Menu Bar is perfect for light weight apps that are tools used regularly (which is what Skitch is to me).I did a quick check of my memory usage: old version menu bar only = 13.6 MB vs. new version dock (27.1 MB) + menu bar (4.0 MB) = 31.1 MB. Maybe not a big deal on my 16GB iMac, but I need all I can get on my 4GB MBA.For my work flow, which I have worked hard to streamline and maximize, in order to keep up with a law practice, a few start-ups, and other interests/obligations, I have to say Skitch and EN have been very helpful (I was using both before the acquisition). In order to maintain that flow efficiency, economy of movement, natural movement, not getting annoyed when an app makes do make a movement that isn't economical or natural, minimizing distractions (cluttered dock; hello hot pink icon) are all important factors. I understand that EN can't develop products for every niche group with a gripe. However, it seems to me that enough people have take their valuable time to note their love of the menu bar only option to merit a deep look at bringing it back. I used to be a Skitch evangelist -- as more and more of my friends converted to apple products and asked me for help/advice on setting it up, I would always recommend or just install Skitch for them. Now I may mention Skitch, but tell them to find their own screen shot / mark up app that works for them. As for me, I'm just kinda in limbo -- the old version is good for now (although I am disappointed not to have EN integration) while I wait for something else to grab my attention. I'm pretty sure adding back the menu bar only option would really change that apathy -- it's that important of a factor to my process. That's my dead honest feedback. Hope it helps. Y'all get a lot of things really right -- it just so happens that one of the things that doesn't work for me is one of my favorite / most important features.
  2. This is such an ongoing frustration. I set up a lot of macs for friends and family. I used to insist the add skitch, but not anymore. I still use 1.x -- it's so incredibly useful as a menubar app. I cannot stand it as a dock app. If and when the new skitch gives me a menubar only option, I'm back in and will start recommending it again. Until then, I'm keeping an eye out for another solution. Evernote integration is nice, but it's not more important than UX.
  3. Thank you for posting the most recent past version of the clipper. While I appreciate that many factors (e.g. mobile devices vs desktop/laptop) the average user (me) isn't aware went into the new design, it remains a source of frustration that major revisions to Skitch** and now the Clipper seem to sacrifice simplicity and ease of use for additional functionality and (admittedly improved) aesthetic design. I understand there is a transition period where the User has to adjust to new movements, options, layout so I have tried to give myself that time. Nevertheless, there are several crucial workflow issues that remain problematic in my opinion (I use 10.8.5 and Chrome): 1 - screen proximity (the old clipper occupied a much smaller area so it was more efficient to select type of clip, notebook (if correct one was not auto selected), add tag, add notes) - all within an inch of space). There was great value in that proximity. I see little reason that a small, streamlined clipper cannot be a preference with expandable capability if access to annotation tools would be helpful. 2 - the new clipper is often laggy and a bit jittery. The old clipper was highly responsive and smooth. That is a major hitch in my workflow. 3 - there should be a way to turn off related notes. i have never found a value in that function and it is very annoying. After I click "Save, I only want to see another notification box if my clip failed - not need to tell me it worked - let me get back to my work. 4 - i am continually asked via pop up box if i want to install clipper for .pdfs ... well, its already installed - there's nothing more i can do. another workflow distraction and annoyance. 5 - the overlap now between Skitch and the Clipper is counter-productive for me. If I need annotation tools, I will use Skitch. Yes, I can see a small set of circumstances where annotation within the Clipper would add something that Skitch can't do, but that value add is simply not worth what I have to give up to get it. I do appreciate that Evernote does pay attention to and respond to many of these user comments. I do agree with some previous comments that they are slowly degrading the value of their product by forgetting that efficiency is their #1 priority and value proposition (imho). This is a workflow and productivity product, yet they often sacrifice that ease of use and simplicity for added features that are tangential to the core purpose and use of their product. So I have gone from absolutely loving Evernote, Clipper, and Skitch (and recommending it to everyone) to really liking it, but being annoyed with certain aspects to the point where I would 100% switch if another product fit my needs better (what I call the Facebook dilemma). ** I run Skitch 1.x on my iMac and 2.x on my MBA and I still prefer 1.x for efficient workflow. Please, please, please allow Skitch 2.x to function purely as a menubar app -- it drives me insane that it opens on my dock every time I use it (and won't even auto-close when I'm done & click the red x) -- totally superfluous and annoying for workflow.
  4. @klang - thanks for the clarification and pointing me to your comments. I look forward to the development of Skitch and ask that, in addition to the items mentioned in that link, you give fair consideration to (1) menubar only functionality (nearly perfect in 1.x imho) and (2) access to history (again, I loved the way that feature work in 1.x). Thanks for acknowledging and responding to all my barking - I did intend for it to be constructive.
  5. The reviews in the Mac App Store should tell EN how badly they have botched Skitch 2.0 - an overall rating of 2.5 stars for an app that was BRILLIANT. Essentially, people only give it 1 star or 5, which is crazy (and the ratio is somewhere between 1:1 to 2:1 in favor of the 1 star). So from what you've said, Skitch 2.0 could have remained exclusively a menubar app (like the way it was - super functional). Instead, you made it a hybrid - perhaps for some legitimate business reason (but not because Apple made you), even though there was another option (when you try to serve multiple masters, you serve none). Obviously, there are other changes that loyal users are frustrated with also. I have backed down to Skitch 1.x for now - something I've never done with any other app or os before. Taking chances on innovation is good, but recognizing when you have failed and acknowledging that to yourself (most importantly) is crucial. EN has to be the ultimate arbiter of whether its vision for Skitch 2.0 is a failure, but if the Mac App Store reviews and comments throughout this forum are any indication, the answer is yes. EN is harming its brand with its handling of Skitch - to what degree I'm not sure, but it has definitely hurt itself among its devotees.
  6. Thank you for a straight-up, honest answer (assuming that is the bottom-line reason for that loss of functionality, which I have no reason to doubt). I understand the decision not to support two versions. For a business predicated on elegant design, Apple's prevention of this type of functionality is disappointing to say the least. Perhaps this is collateral damage to some superordinate priority within the Mac App Store (I certainly don't understand enough about API calls and sandboxing to say one way or the other). Thanks again for the direct response, and please keep this on the EN/Skitch radar screen should the ability to reintroduce that functionality open up in the future.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply. I am very familiar with the preferences options. I do run skitch "helper" 100% of the time via my menu bar (i find it that valuable), which is why the the functionality of automatically quitting the app when i close the window was so perfect for my use. I'll try CMD+Q, but I'd still prefer at least an option for the follow: close skitch window = quit skitch, but leave helper running in menu bar. Reality is that skitch is still very good, but Evernote has eliminated some great features and design (like a history accessible through skitch - no reason it can't be in both evernote & skitch). I understand trying to funnel users into evernote to promote that product (which is fantastic), but this approach is a bit too heavy-handed and generates some negative associations that could be completely avoided by providing options in preferences to retore some of the "old functionality." Set the default up the way you want, but give users flexibility. Thank you for considering my feedback!
  8. First, Skitch & Evernote have been two of my favorite apps for years - I recommend them both regularly. I keep Skitch in my menu bar all the time. What I miss most about the old Skitch is that when I used to close the Skitch window (which was triggered to open through the menu bar icon), it would automatically close the application and remove from itself from my Dock (while continuing to run in the menu bar) - perfect! Now when I close the Skitch window, it leaves the full application running and stays in the Dock. Duplicative and annoying. I could "quit skitch" instead of closing the the window, but that is simply not nearly as user friendly. Anyone else frustrated by this - found any workarounds, like a script that quits skitch when window in closed?
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