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  1. Hi As far as I know the original URL is not saved when clipping a web page. I'd like this functionality because sometimes I find an old Evernote note and I don't know the original URL of the article. I like to be able to share a link with people. I know I can share a note, but sharing a web page feels better to me.
  2. Thanks for the responses I was dragging notes to the trashcan icon located at the top right of the EverNote app (and not the Trashcan inside OSX). I realise now that this is the delete button and not a trashcan. So pressing this 'trashcan / delete' button will delete the currently selected note(s). And as previously mentioned by Jackolicious, it IS possible to drag to the O/S own trashcan. So as the grammatically challenged sometimes say 'my bad'.
  3. Evernote is cross platform. This means it is good from a user interface design perspective to try and adopt UI flavours from each O/S. On most operating systems dragging items to the trash can is standard. I would therefore recommend adding this to Evernote. Apart from that no complaints.
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