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  1. I guess it would be silly to ask if you have a recent backup... Not silly at all. Here's what happened. Upgraded to Mavericks. Realized that Epson Scan isn't updated yet. Roll Back to Mountain Lion. Forgot to backup EN Local Notebook I rolled back using the Time Machine. I chose the earliest full back up at had. Fortunately I do not delete the things I scan to EN until I'm sure they've been sync'd but this still doesn't include everything. So it would be right helpful if I could get my old local notebook back.
  2. Well add me to the list of folk who also lost their local notebook
  3. What I'm looking for is a way to set the default to a particular size. For example right clicking on the image gives me the option to Automatically Resize (EN Default), Zoom In/Out and Actual Size.
  4. Old post but I am also interested in seeing this feature added.
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