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  1. Ditto. Mine says "Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in. Have TOTALLY removed Evernote twice, including reg-edit deleting of all references to Evernote. Still no banner item for Clipper. Outlook 2016 with O365. Latest Evernote download (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897)
  2. Installed WIn 10, OUtlook 2016..and latest Evernote - take 10-14 seconds to respond - is that not your experience?
  3. WIsh it did for mine. Upgraded to Win 10 and OUtlook 2016. No Evernote (last version that worked for me) - Unintalled, reinstalled - all show in COMS, nothing in Outlook 2016 ribbon. Uninstalled and installed - Saw a gray elephant head, took about 10-24 seconds to respond each time...that is unaccaptable. Uninstalled and reinstalled old version...no luck. What is the solution?
  4. I downloaded and installed prior version and it works and the green icon is back..I will wait..for now.
  5. I wonder if anyone is even listening if there have been 2 updates with no fix?
  6. I am curious what "fiddling" you did...anyway, popping up the full emailw roks for me, too..not nearl as productive,,,sure they can fix..at least it is working again. And the niterface is much better once is does work! Nice.
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