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  1. Yes, cyberry, in recent version of Evernote for Windows (I use 6.14.3) the bug has been fixed.
  2. HI, on my Windows 10 when I take a clip with the combination key "Win+Shift+S", Evernote doesn't create a new note with the clip. I must create the note and paste the clip (Ctrl + V) inside it. Any suggest? Thanks
  3. However, if I digit "any: updated:day created:day" in the search bar, it works perfectly. But if I put it in a saved search it doesn't work. In this case the "any" becomes "All".
  4. Yes, I have upgraded to 6.9.7 version and the issue has not yet been solved.
  5. When I click more times on saved search I get the same results. The Any/All indicator in Search Info doesn't change. It is always set on "All".
  6. I have noted a weird behavior. When I write inside "Search notes" the "Any" term appeared. But if I launch saved search the "All" term appeared despite I have insert "any:" term. My version is (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494)
  7. Hi, in Evernote desktop (windows 7) I want create a saved search that return all notes created today or updated today. In "Search notes" if I write "any: created:day updated:day", the search provides the correct results. But if I save this search and launch the search it doesn't work properly because I get only notes that are created today without those updated today. Strangely, the same saved search provides the correct results on my android phone. Any suggest? Luigi
  8. Can anyone confirm me that Firefox has removed the option to save web clipping in a local notebook? Thanks, Luigi
  9. Thanks, Gazumped for your answer. It's a bit annoying add the file back into the note, but anyway...
  10. I have many MS excel documents saved in my note. When I open a file in my Evernote android app, and modify the document, I can't save the file back into Evernote. My default app for open MS document is WPS Office. When I modify the file, WPS Office asks me which folder to save the file. I can save the file in a folder on my phone, but it is saved outside of Evernote. I have no problem to modify the file in Evernote desktop version. Here all changes are saved within Evernote. Any suggest? Thanks, Luigi
  11. Thanks for new version. I have appreciated it! --------------------------------------------------------------- Option 1 vs Option 2? It's something irrelevant. I think you have to turn your attention to more important things
  12. Hi, in my windows desktop computer, when I start Evernote no password is required. Indeed, Evernote remembers the login at startup. But I wish I had asked for the password each time I start Evernote. I know that if I sign out from account before I quite Evernote, the next time Evernote requires the password. But I must remember to do it every time. In the "Options" I don't see any option that set password request at startup. Any suggest? Thanks, Luigi Pirozzi
  13. Yes, I use Windows Journal for this, but I'd like to write directly with Evernote.
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