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  1. Hi, first, sorry about my english, I'm French. I wrote a post yesterday on how I use Evernote to take Science Class Notes (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35255-science-class-notes-and-evernote/). I type all of my class notes in Emacs org-mode, not directly in Evernote, because I can easily include formulas when there are just 3-5 lines. Then I export the note into Evernote in PDF, so they are searchable. When there are diagrams I draw them and number each of them on paper, report number on my note ([diagram no. 1, etc.]), scan them at the evening (I have a cheap Epson scanner), and put into an Evernote notebook. I don't integrate diagrams directly into my class notes because I prefer have them separate. I type notes directly into Evernote for particular things, like summaries, important definitions, assignments and other things I want to access quickly. I put all school (and non-school) related documents, slides, agendas into respective notebooks. I also have a general "School" notebook to put all stuff that don't fit into a particular matter (not sure about this word) notebook. Hope this can help, I always try to find new ways to better organize my Evernote, for school and non-school related stuff.
  2. Hi to everyone, First I'm sorry about my english, I'm French. I'm using Evernote for about 2 years when I was in med school (switched this year to biology). In 2 years my workflow has changed many times because I want to go totally paperless. In some classes there are some math and chemical formulas and I like to type them instead of using a sheet of paper when this is not exceding a certain size. But I'm a bit perfectionist and I like to have beautiful formulas but writing them easily and in plain text. So here's my workflow : I'm using Emacs org-mode (which is similar to Markdown in term of markup language) and write my formulas in LaTeX. Org-mode can export the org file into multiple formats, like HTML, PDF or even ODT. So when I have a new lesson : I create a new org file that I put into a new Evernote note. I edit this file in Emacs, and changes are saved directly into Evernote. I write misc notes inside that Evernote note. At the end of each course I export it in PDF then put it in my note, so it's easily searchable. I put other docs, like lecture slides and scanned diagrams, into separate notes, then put links into the first one.I use this method too to write my WordPress blog articles and by exporting the org file in HTML... This method is convenient because the writing process during lecture is very, very fast, and produces great looking PDF with beautiful formulas. But it lacks of flexibility because to make my edits to the note searchable in Evernote I have to edit the org file, then export to PDF, then put it into Evernote. So I only use this method for lecture notes; for small notes I type them diretly into Evernote. Why I don't use Pandoc ? Pandoc is great but, on Windows, there is no editor that can export a file using it, and I don't want to use cmd every time I have to export a file. Also there's a pandoc-mode on Emacs but it doesn't like Windows paths... I hope my workflow will be helpful and I'd love to share thoughts with you on this topic.
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