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  1. I find dating notes helpful, but I primarily use Evernote to manage my projects. Basically, I know throughout the course of a project, I will have several meetings with any given client. Lets say, for Client A, I create one note and title it "Client A Meeting Notes." I also will tag that note "Client A" and "Meeting Notes." Within that one note, I will keep all of the meeting documentations for however long the "Client A" project may last. Each new documentation is put on the top of the previous note with the date first (YYMMDD), usually in bold or larger letters. This makes it very easy to scroll down through ALL the notes for quick reference. This is handy if a dispute about when we discussed a deadline, new project idea, etc. This really keeps navigation easy. No clicking back and forth, just scrolling up and down. Its very helpful for keeping your folders and notes organized. You can handle receipts and other things this way too. Bundle all your bills in one note, or all your similar receipts like for lunches, or office supplies.
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