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  1. SOLVED! I always change the default font on my work PC (Cleartype gives me headaches and the new default Win7 font is unreadable without Cleartype), and in that case the location of the location drop down menu clickable area is not where the blue triangle is drawn. If I click 0.5 cm to the right of the triangle I get the menu, if I click on the triangle it thinks I clicked the link. Weird. This only happens for the location link, the other blue dropdownmenu triangles in the info box I have to click on the triangle itself. As nearly nobody changes their default font is seems I don't expect it ever to be fixed, but at least I can now try out V5 for real. Now that was an obscure bug...
  2. Sigh. I give up. I installed the beta in a VM, and it worked. I installed it on my work machine and it dod not work. I installed the in a VM and it works. Seems something wrong with my locations on my workmachine. My guess it it somehow went into auto-location mode, I'll start googling how to fix that or start a new thread. Thanks so far for trying to help me. (I really wish they would start treating locations seriously (again), has been going downhill for last two releases on IOS as well. Sigh. I do like Evernote - had my boss convinced we were going to use it and we were quite succesfully lobbying higher up when they switched on IOS from V4 to V5 and stripped a lot of of location support. We were going to interface with Salesforce and use Evernote on IOS for freeform entry and to show geographical locations for groups of prospects or with special tags. Felt like being caught with your pants down - luckily it was just in time to cancel our most important pitch meeting. But I'm still using it privately for some stuff.)
  3. > Just checked my V5.0.2.1261 I guess you got that for being an Evanagelist, but us mere mortals are send version ;-) So if this is fixed in 5.02.1261 I guess I just have to wait. but, > Location: Click to set location..... No, that is not what I see. I see a location with a triangle after it. My problem is: I want to _change_ the geographical location of a note" That means there already is a location. Undoubtedly the location where my IOS device was when I entered the note. I don't care for that location, I want to set it to the location relevant to the note. I even temporarily re-installed V50.1.118 to test it for you, and for a new note it does indeed allow you to manually enter the location like you described. But you cannot change it afterwards... Could you please try with your 5.02 version if changing a location is possible?
  4. I just switched to V5 for windows ( and can't find out how to set the location for a note anymore. I found out you can see the location by clicking 'Info', but if I click the blue triangle after the location it just start a browser, same as if I click the link itself. If I click any of the other blue triangles it allows to edit the field (notebook or URL). With V4 that was the same for location. Also a related second question: is there any way to make the location visible again without having to click info? (By the way: How do other people use locations? 75% of my notes have a relevant location, but that is never where I entered them. I make notes about a shop, a restaurant, a client, a company, a possible holiday destination. All of them should point to that location, not to where I entered them. Do I miss anything here, how could the location where a note was entered be of any interest except in a very few handful of cases?)
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