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  1. It's such a shame because if EN was reliable, it would be brilliant. What are you using for the important notes?
  2. Is there anything else I can try or is this just a 'no fix' situation? Thank you
  3. No they are not. The new notes I've made on my iphone in recent weeks are not there.
  4. Ticket #16051-239699 Yes, notes and amendments have not been saved on iPad and PC. It seems as if they were before but I just don't know when the syncing process stopped working. Thanks again.
  5. I have Evernote on iphone, ipad and PC. Most of my notes are created and updated on my phone. I sync (or so I thought) and see 'sending changes'. I thought all was well. I have installed all updates as required. A few days ago I found myself in real problems. Notes have not updated! I realised when I was searching for a new note on my ipad and it wasn't there. I've opened a ticket. This seems to be quite slow. I've tried airplane mode. I've manually saved changes. Nothing works. I've tried sending notes to myself but not sure which ones aren't synced. I really don't want to lose stuff. Any practical solutions? Thank you.
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