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  1. Thank you! I had to click in just the right spot to bring up the right-click menu. The option of "Show Labels" is what I needed. I also removed the delete button that I don't use anyway. Now I have more room for the tags!
  2. I just updated my Evernote version to 5.0.2. On my Windows machine, I used to be able to add tags by clicking on the toolbar (or whatever the section is called right above the note editing area). Now the other buttons (Reminder, Share, Info, Delete) share the same space so I don't get to see any tags sometimes. And the ability to just click in the tag area to add tags is now gone unless I widen the window to fit everything in. Any advice how to remove the text for the tool buttons like Reminder, Share, etc. Now I can't recall what the old version shows, but I didn't have any issues when the app window is smaller. Thanks!
  3. I am experimenting with using Evernote for keep a checklist of to-do items. I think I can do with the numbered checklist. Since a list can be indented to be a sublist, I can create a rudimentary list with a sub-tasks list. What I'd like to do is to copy (or rather move) an item from one list to another, so I can rearrange them by date or whatever. However it seems that on Windows, if I cut a few lines, the formatting is not quite preserved. When I copy it to other list, it doesn't quite insert and number itself nicely. Also from where I cut, instead of removing that numbered line completely and renumber everything after, it leaves an empty numbered line, and I don't know how to remove this without having to do some shuffling of the few lines of content after. Anyway, wondering if anyone else has better experience with this. Thanks!
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