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  1. I can confirm that Evernote for Windows (268604 Public) has a compatible Microsoft Outlook 2013 64-bit Plugin / AddIn. Thanks so much guys!!!
  2. I can confirm it is working on my end! Thanks guys!
  3. Unfortunately Ed our IT department is enforcing this. Also, we have 64-bit required company workflow add-ins installed. A lot of 3rd party component makers have already ported their add-ins to 64-bit and some small developers too (i.e., gsyncit). I remember (I might be wrong) the previous version of the Evernote AddIn supports 64-bit.
  4. Didn't work for me. , I'm running Outlook 2013 64-bit. Reported the issue here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35243-evernote-for-windows-463-rc/?p=191196
  5. Thank you so much for continuing to support this but unfortunately this update didn't fix my issue. I am running a 64-bit version of Office on a Windows 8 Pro OS. Whenever I look at the COM Add-Ins window, I see that the Evernote.Outlook addin has an error: "Not loaded. A runtime error occured while loading the COM Add-in" I tried manually removing and re-adding the COM DLL EvernoteOL.dll. Unfortunately I get the error the the DLL is not a valid add in: This is my office version: This is very critical to my work and it would be greatly appreciated if this is supported on Outlook 2013 64-bit so that I could benefit from my premium membership.
  6. We have switched to Outlook 2013 and are hoping this would be resolved soon.
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