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  1. February 11th, 2013. Still not fixed. I'm a relatively new user. Purchased iPhone 5 in November 2012. Culminated a slew of documents (e.g. notes of different subjects: personal, work, PDFs, MS Office). Thought I would consolidate, created "Notebooks". I also copied and pasted text into a different document (i.e. I had multiple "shopping/grocery/amenities lists). I synced, deleted document that I pasted from, unplugged, and discovered pasted material was not in iPhone. Plugged back in to do a test. Copied and pasted from another document, re-synced, ... nothing. Thought maybe it was because I had *never* cleared the cache in the app (i.e. iPhone/iOS). Tried that, tried the whole re-copy/re-sync. Nothing. I even tried clearing cache, logging out, logging back in, and re-syncing, ... still get the old file. Disconcerting that this happens to Premium Users. I'm on the free version. Still, this is a core functionality bug (i.e. F*** Note History). *Back to Nebulous? ... Nebulous doesn't have "folders/sorting" abilities and it doesn't allow users to format text (though I do like how the pinch-zoom has more increments). Have yet to venture into MS OneNote; and I really don't want to. Cheers.
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