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  1. This is a great topic and I'm surprised there isn't more energy around it. I am a 10 year EN user and rely heavily on EN Daily, but continue to struggle with finding ways to incorporate "ink" notes. I've tried them all, you name it - GoodNotes 4, Penultimate, Notability, MyScript Nebo, Noteshelf 2, Notes Plus as noted above....but all lack a true integration where changes made reflect in EN and for me, the biggest interest, is being able to make ink notes within the note (not just at the bottom of the note like the add "ink" function currently works). OneNote does this well. Good discussion, and looking forward to some progress here given (as gewappnet noted), handwritten notes is a huge drive in IOS apps.
  2. Fully agree with @loyevans - this is a feature I've been longing for. The ability to add handwritten text within an existing note in windows would be a big productivity gain to my workflow, and I'd suspect to many as well - as this is a key feature of ON. Curious what may come of it.
  3. Extremely disappointing I've been a Premium Customer since late 2007 and apparently my account did not auto renew (could certainly be an outdated card on my end), yet now my account is "Free", and I cannot upgrade, CANNOT get support and am extremely frustrated. Clearly this is a lagging problem given this string. Need some help here Evernote! Ticket # 16051-233112 Regards, Scott A paying supporter and Evernote Evangelist since 2007!
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