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  1. Sometimes I just don’t need too many Penultimate notebooks (say, pNotebook) in my Penultimate. Therefore, I hope I can create some kinds of “Archive Notebook” in Evernote, then I can put my old pNotebooks in it and prevent them from showing in my iPad. So I tried to move my notebooks from the linked Evernote notebook (say, eNotebook) to other eNotebooks as Archive Notebooks. However, I found that even the pNotebook is not in the linked eNotebook, they are still synced. If I delete a pNotebook from my iPad, the corresponding one in Evernote will also be deleted even it is not in the linked eNotebook. This makes me hard to create an Archive Notebook in Evernote and I have to keep more than 40 pNotebook in my iPad. That’s insane. Can I just sync with the linked eNotebook without syncing with those notebooks not in the linked eNotebook?
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