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  1. Windows has it already: the shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+F5. Thank you!
  2. jefito, I did realize I was looking at a Mac version, but I had hoped it was also available on PC. So I loaded EV on an old mac I have and was able to recreate the view in the pic above. As you know there is a "side list view" in the Mac version, when I found that I lost hope for it being in the PC version, because I couldn't locate it in the PC version. But your solution Ctrl+Shift+F5 WORKS PERFECTLY! Thank you very much!
  3. Side list view is AWESOME! How about for the PC?
  4. I love this feature in MS products. I have a number of product names that I am typing to clients (in emails) every day. In Outlook and Word I can go into the AutoCorrect options and post an abbreviation that will be replaced by a word or words or words and symbols. As an example... When I type “CT” in a word doc or email, it is instantly replaced with “Quantum µCT”. I would love to have this feature in EV.
  5. Mark, I enjoyed your blog. Along with other posters I leverage Outlook with EV. I have a maybe a silly question for you. I love the list view for my notes, however when I use list view I get a Top and bottom pane view. The pick in your blog shows a side by side list view and note. How did you achieve the side by side view? I also noticed you are a Mac user, i am PC so maybe it is not an option for me. Tx
  6. Has EN ever released a new feature in Windows prior to releasing in on Mac?
  7. Please build a single button on the PU tool bar that sends individual pages to EV (as images). In the PU settings a user could default an EV Notebook where to deliver the individual pages. Maybe here you could also default image or PDF. I use EV to search my hand written notes so I prefer to send as an image. Currently this is a 6 step/click process. Forward note button (1 icon to the left of search in PU) Open Page In... Open in Evernote After EV opens, close the Note in EV Double tap home button Open PU again Thank you.
  8. Thank you, Cynwren. Please correct me if I am wrong... To take advantage of the EV search function in my PU hand written notes, I need to send them to EV as an image and not a PDF. Another poster sent me... In the individual PU page i want to send, hit the "Forward button" the icon to the left of search Open Page in... Open in Evernote This works, however just a described it then opens EV on my iPad and I have to close the note and go back to PU. In the previous PU version it was so clean. After writing a PU note I could simply send the page to EV and move on to the next PU page without having to deal with the note. Then at the end of the day I would go to my PC, open the Collection Notebook in EV and Tag the note appropriately. I'm not certain how difficult it would be, but a single button on the PU tool bar that send individual notes to EV seams logical and useful for a number of people. - Thank you again for your help.
  9. Thank you, rbianchi. Not as clean/easy as the pre 4.0.1 PU, but it does work. Thank you again.
  10. CYNREN, How are you accomplishing this? In the previous PU version it was very easy to send single pages to EV, in the new version I can't figure this out.
  11. Sending a single page to my Evernote "Collection Box" (EV Notebook name) was the most brilliant feature that Penultimate had. In EV I could open the single page and update the note with progress and action items. I use EV to run my life and editing page notes from Penultimate is a huge part of that. The new update simply syncs the entire Notebook to EV, I can't send single pages any longer. I hope this gets fixed, I don't want to have to vet another iPad note taking app. Please fix!
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