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  1. I get that they can't give everyone everything they ask for. That's completely reasonable. I also get that there are a lot of posts in the Evernote forums, on tech sites, etc asking... Begging for this. There have been all sorts of vague "soon, very soon" statements made for the last few years... Key word here: years. Several releases there. At this point it isn't a case of low priority. Feels like it is not on the radar at all. If you aren't going to do it simply say so. My guess us that this is more than just a select handful of users who have been asking and "soon" is a way to assuage that. This is not a slam on the developers. Honestly, those aren't typically the people making the priorities anyway. In fact it isn't a slam at all. I was stating a frustration with the lack of task management and the lack of a good cross platform 3rd party tool. I love Egretslist but I have an Android phone so that doesn't work too well for me.
  2. I don't recall typing the words "bad devs." And I do understand how software development works, I work directly with developers in my day to day. So... When lots of people request something, and it is said over and over again that it is coming... It would seem reasonable to be on the lookout for it.
  3. Considering how many posts I find on this topic with no result... Plus there is this article (http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-12-08/tech/30491806_1_new-apps-phil-libin-lists) which seemed to indicate that To Do lists were coming soon. Plus there was the acquisition of Egretlist... Maybe I should have qualified and said they weren't being "good listeners"? My hope was that Egretlist would build out a little more but sadly no. I did just read this: http://everdo.it/site/ ... It isn't cross-platform yet but they are planning on it.
  4. I know that Evernote doesn't want to become a task list but it would be nice if it offered better integration with RTM or Getting It Done or ... ANYTHING that is cross-platform. Egretlist is does exactly what I need it to do but only works on iOS (no Android or browser extensions). I'd hate to switch to another note taking app (Springpad or Catch come to mind). However it is really annoying that no one at Evernote seems to be listening to a request that has been made over and over again by its users.
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