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  1. This is the "official response" that I received from Evernote Support regarding this issue: So it would appear that it is "officially a bug" - but there is currently no ETA on resolution.
  2. Well, I seem to have spoken too soon. I just tested it again today, and the results are not good. I generally use the Android App called CamScanner to input picture items into Evernote. That app generates JPG files that are then added as a new note in Evernote. I just scanned two (2) different images. The first one appears to have loaded properly - meaning I can "right click" it and edit it, etc. If I attempt a "SAVE AS" it shows the proposed file name with a PNG extension. (In Android, this shows as a PNG file.) However, the second one - which I created using the exact same steps CANNOT be edited by using "right click". If I attempt a "SAVE AS" on this picture, it shows a proposed file name with a BLANK extension. (In Android, this shows as a JPEG file.) So, something is definitely not working consistently. I have created SUPPORT TICKET # 291865 asking them to investigate the issue.
  3. I had the same exact same issue - starting with version (269614) Public. However, the latest update (270217) Public actually fixed the issue for me.
  4. What do you mean you cannot reproduce the issue? Your developers have been working on this "bug" for quite some time. Several of us have reported tickets (all of which have been closed prior to resolution of the issue). Windows 7 Home Premium w/Service Pack 1 IE v9.0.8112.16421 (includes 9.0.12 Update for KB 2761465) The information provided via 16051-219999: We apologize for the inconvenience, however it appears there is currently a bug causing this. We have filed an internal bug report with the QA team lead. She will classify and fix the bugs in the order determined by the project lead. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Evernote Support
  5. I concur with RadicalDad. Evernote Premium Support has TOTALLY been USELESS on this fix. I, too, opened a support ticket. It was also closed without resolution. After many "attempts" at using the "Premium Support" - I've come to the conclusion that they are some type of "ticket center" that knows NOTHING about the product and has no insight into what is actually being worked on, etc. For us, this issue is significant.
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