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  1. This is a tiny, tiny feature request that would make me very happy. It is this: When I turn on the "list" mode for a paragraph (the "Toggle [ Bulleted | Ordered ] List" command), the text editor should inspect the selected paragraphs. If there is any leading whitespace for these paragraphs, it should be removed. This would streamline what is, for me, a very common usage pattern, which I will describe here for your amusement: 1. Select block of text from web (single or multiple paragraphs, often) 2. Paste into a Note where I am doing research, often in an outline format 3. Select the pasted text and convert to a list, and fiddle with the indenting to get it into the right level of depth for my outline. (and, yay, keyboard shortcuts work great here) 4. Curse, fiddle around with the trackpad (or keyboard shortcuts, I know), and manually delete leading whitespace on every paragraph, because it looks goofy with all that extra leading space See, you could eliminate step 4 entirely! Thanks for listening, and have a great day.
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