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  1. Thanks Gazumped - you're spot on though, it's exactly this kind of hassle I want to avoid. The simplest way so far is take a photo using the app on iphone and then click info and change the notebook there - it would just be cool to be able to set this just with handwriting. The capability is clearly there within the software it just needs to be linked up. Thanks anyway! Evernote - any plans to include a feature like this?
  2. Hi Evernote community! I think the handwriting recognition in evernote app is awesome and I can see it will already revolutionise the way I take notes and organise info. What I want to do is cut out the admin associated with this, i.e. by automatically sending certain notes to certain notebooks. I know there is the smart notebook product but I just don't want to sit in meetings with a notebook with pictures of elephants on the cover - it doesn't look professional to me. If I scan handwriting that says "@marketing" I can search for that note using "@marketing" but is there a way i can get it to send directly to my marketing notebook like you would an email? Are they just keeping this as a smart notebook feature or am I missing a trick? Any help or advice gratefully received! Thank you! Luke