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  1. Thanks, Bryan, I am going to try that tonight.
  2. I use Evernote on Windows. I am no longer able to access it because I get a quick popup of an error and then it shuts down. I was able to capture a screenshot, please see attached. I have uninstalled and then installed back, and even tried reverting to an older version, but no matter what I do, thus far, nothing has worked. I submitted a help ticket, but got the response that they don't work on weekends, and I am not a patient person, so I was hoping someone here may have encountered this and have a suggestion on how to resolve the issue.
  3. I am absolutely loving IQTELL, it is based on the GTD principles and is fabulous. It is still in beta, but if you request an invite, they will send you one. The development team is amazing, quick to resolve problems and constantly developing and improving it.
  4. I absolutely love Powerbot and am thrilled to test it out!
  5. Have you tried Iqtell? It is great, brings all your calendars, email accounts, Evernote, etc. into one place.
  6. Mine was doing that, I just long-pressed, closed out the app, waited a minute and reopened it and it was fine.
  7. Aside from the "welcome to Evernote" note, my first note was my efile pin. I downloaded Evernote just for that, thinking it would be a good way not to lose the pin. I had no idea at the time my whole life would end up being in Evernote.
  8. Ha ha, and see, I am this major geeky, gadget girl, so the more bells and whistles, the happier I am.
  9. Wow, notes plus looks awesome. I have been using Penultimate, but I love some of the features in Notes Plus. I think I am going to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Martin, I agree, it has to be "done right". Unfortunately, it frequently is done with more of a snarky, know-it-all attitude, or at least, that is how it comes across. On the internet, people need to read what they post before hitting the send button to make sure the message and tone they are attempting to convey is truly coming across in the manner they wish it to.
  11. <actus, I understand where you are coming from. I am the administrator of one of the largest weight loss forums on the internet. I see it everyday where new posters join and often feel "attacked" by older members of the forum. Often, new members are also new to forums in general, so they are unaware of the idea of using the search function. So, they frequently get "chastised" by older members for not using it. Or, sometimes, you are just in a hurry, and want a quick answer to your question. The other problem is, older members tend to feel like they have seen every post a million times and they are tired of seeing it and answering the same question over and over again. And, often older members feel they are being helpful by suggesting the search, or that they have already answered this question, but in doing so, without their even realizing it, their annoyance with the OP really does shine through in their response. This frequently results in new members feeling unwelcome, Usually I remind the older members of my forum that they were once new, and to try and remember how that felt. If they find a question annoying, or feel it has been answered a million times before, they are not required to respond to a post, they are more than welcome to just pass it by, let other members who are willing to help and are not annoyed by the question answer it while they move on to other threads. And, you know what, I am okay with new posters coming and asking the same questions other posters have asked before. There may be a slight twist that makes their question slightly different than the way it was asked before. And, it keeps the forums active. If everyone quit asking questions because they fear it has been asked before or may offend someone, then our forum would simply become a knowledge base instead of an interactive forum that continues to grow and help people.
  12. Thanks, Chris, that will be my project for this afternoon!
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