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  1. rba999, do you have a referral code I can use when I register?
  2. Thanks for the responses! It looks like Qiqqa could be just what I'm looking for!
  3. <win><a> doesn't work. It says I don't have anything selected. I wouldn't mind typing out the citation myself if I could associate it with that file.
  4. I am doing research, mostly from PDFs of articles. I would like to be able to highlight a bit of text in an article and clip it to Evernote, along with the citation of that article. I loaded all the PDFs into Evernote, but there still doesn't seem to be a convenient way to capture text from them into a note with the citation. So, basically, I need something like Webclipper, but for my desktop, or within Evernote. Any suggestions? Thank you! Tianna
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