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  1. Hi I just figured out how to start a post. I had Penultimate on my Ipad 2 and I have used it for a year and been very happy with it. I have a note book for school with almost 800 pages in it and I use it for Nursing school.. I have an exam on Monday and THE APP IS NOT WORKING!!!! When I tried to open penultimate before I had Evernote this morning, it gave me an option to log into an account or to proceed without logging in. Since I didn't have an account at that time I clicked on proceed without an account. It then popped up "PREPARING NOTEBOOKS", So I thought everything was ok. Well I was Wrong!! It just pops back to my home screen. I have tried many times and the same thing happens. I did just update to windows IOS 6.1 I believe (10 min ago) but it still won't work. I need to get these notes or I will FAIL my exam on Monday.. I am STRESSING OUT. Can anyone please help me or lead me in the right direction to the people who can? An email address, website anything. I am desperate right now. I tried the Ever Note website but couldn't find a place where I could email them. I Don't know what else to do right now and just feel like bursting out in tears. Thanks in advance..... G
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