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  1. For many months can no longer sync from Android Focus. (Using free Evernote) Reads 'last sync failed (date) error 10 disk I/O.' (I don't know how to send the detailed info like above unless I get a force close, or how to email Evernote support.) I am very ill (brain injury) and often can ONLY work from smartphone so the sync is a critical issue for me. I am a computer newbie. All help is appreciated. My apologies beforehand- I need simple detailed direction. Are replies to my query posted here? (Am I in wrong place to post this here? If so what is correct address/URL?) (On a side note what is the text limit for a note? Didn't know about it till I read on forum: ''...the confusion about upload limits is understandable. I think Evernote could do a better job of telling us the limits (there are some limits that I didn't know about until recently, even after years of using the service -- the limit on how much text can be inside a note is one that comes to mind). I think anyone (including the staff at Evernote) would agree that things could be made clearer, and the website could be improved so that this information is easier to find...) Thank you
  2. I get SQLite error when trying to sync a new note from my 3G Android phone (Huawei Fusion U8652). Will not sync at all anymore. Don't have more specifics because the popup flashes too fast but now that I have found this spot I will try to get better, specific information I would like to try the fix mentioned above but being a newbie (using an Acer laptop-Windows 7) could you give more specific direction in the following areas: -Am having the problem on phone but that may mean the problem is within laptop/Evernote files? *My Desktop and Web Evernote behave and sync fine -If the unsynced notes are on my phone am I safe to move the directory on the laptop? -The 'Home Library with my name'-.... -Acer\AppData\Local\Apps\Evernote-Yeah found it! This opens a TON of files that WOW did not know were there. -What file type am I looking for? (ie. .is, .dll, .exe, etc) -Am I looking for the "console" application to get lines that might help diagnose the problem? -Looking for Application Support-Is that the name of the file? -Don't understand the .enex directions for following directions: (*If you do have some unsynchronized notes, you can go to the Note List view, sort by the "Sync" column, and export any notes that have a * in that column to .enex format before following the above instructions. Once those instructions are finished, you can then import the .enex files you created to restore these exported notes.) I have unsyncd notes on phone that are important.
  3. I have not been with Evernote long enough or in deep enough to have some of these experiences. Not that it is certain I would. Having 'indent' is easy and enjoy it, however along with others of you I am finding not having TAB (5 spaces, personally set # of spaces....) seriously hampering. I find it VERY difficult to understand why Evernote would not have this simple feature that every typewriter, Selectric typewriter, Word Processor, Note Taker,etc... programs have continued for more than 30 years to identify as important to us. The technical evolutionary processes that have left this feature in the various programs for more than 30 years cry aloud that we want this feature. Other programs have it! And Evernote you have so many other more complex features (ie BBCode, paste from other media, rich text...). WHY ignore this simple but much used, desired, been around forever feature. My sympathies are with you with 'blown up' formatting Please if you want TAB along with the other problems you have, add this to your cries as well: "WE WANT TAB!"
  4. To Jester02K and anyone else excited about this idea: I want to make a medication chart, symptom chart (to monitor progress) and a budget. (I think my doctor would love a written report each time I see him). They seem basically the same (except I cant seem to tab, odd). The symptom chart thinking left side, top to bottom: symptoms , across the top days 1-30. Could 'x' space on that line for that day/symptom I have been ill for a long time and like your idea. Possible to share a visual without your personal details? Or a visual and how to? Seems kind of like Excel-never used it-this is kind of spreadsheet-like format maybe?). Energy is very limited, REALLY grateful for any help.
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