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  1. Off topic, I know, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Code Block styling button that arrived in 6.x! It's an example of such a small feature making such a big difference to my work, saving loads of time and inconsistency manually formatting dev notes. Keep 'em coming
  2. Is this a new feature? (sorry, I rarely read the release notes). Being able to show related results in my Evernote account alongside Google search results is a real boost. I often search both separately anyway, but now a single Google search also reveals anything from my own specific experiences on the subject, which might be more relevant, but which I may have forgotten about (in fact, almost certainly have long since forgotten - that's why I depend on Evernote!). Also, if looking for a specific site/service I've used before, it automatically brings up things I might need to know, like
  3. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I know we've been pushing for this, and you've listened and delivered with style. This is a step-change in Evernote's usability and accelerates capture on a par with the awesome Web Clipper. For me, there's an important social aspect too. When sat in meetings and interviews, it still seems to be considered impolite to be tapping and typing on a device. Yet taking hand-written notes is not only more acceptable but somehow reinforces that you are interested and engaged. Keep it coming!
  4. Just installed One Browser on my Galaxy S3, mostly because I use the web clipper in chrome on my laptop so much I always wanted the same on my mobile. The promo in Evernote Trunk says you can clip pages, text, images to Evernote "with one click", and shows screenshots with the Evernote icon on a One Browser popup menu, but I can't see it anywhere. All I have is the same Share -> Create Note in Evernote link that every Android app has. What am I missing?
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