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  1. @scruggles FYI the "note list does not display" error in the *old* web interface seems to have resurface for folks using Chrome browser version 61 (and possibly newer, i can't test that). When i open Evernote the center column is populated with note titles and snippets, but i can only scroll down 19 notes and then the rest are gone. When i scroll back up there are only 9 or 10 notes left. Switching to another folder shows no notes at all, and switching back to All Notes then shows no notes at all. Refreshing the web page sends me back to step one, with the same results. This problem does *NOT* appear in IE11, and other users have reported it does *NOT* appear in Firefox. I can switch to IE temporarily, but everything (usually) works so much better in Chrome! Thank you for letting us continue to use the old web interface, i find the new one unusable, and i cannot install the Windows application at work.
  2. @HotchKick and others who have noticed this new problem - i have just confirmed that the old version still works fine on IE, and as mentioned above others say Firefox is still good as well. Oddly, i did not see the problem until October 1 . . . which is also the day i updated to Chrome 61 (my employer delays our updates for security evaluation). Can anyone else confirm which version of Chrome browser they are using when they see the note titles and snippets disappear from the center column of the old web version of Evernote? That might help the bug swatters. FWIW i agree that the "new" web interface introduced more than a year ago is unusable, and i am very glad we have not yet been forced to use it - my condolences to all the new accounts that do not have a choice. I use the Windows app at home, but in my corporate work environment i cannot install it.
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