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  1. How these services link up across device and what device has final control is always a bit unclear. Copying the notebook/notes is a good idea. That's what I'll do going forward. Thanks!
  2. Okay. That's good to know. I'll keep searching. There must be something because it's specialized but not necessarily for people studying languages via a flashcard. I'm sure one of the services does it but I am trying to simply the tools I use when I study. I want to keep it pure Evernote.
  3. I use Peek and I want to create Notebooks that go from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. Is there a way to take an existing notebook full of cards and reverse the title with the body? Thank you.
  4. I took a lot of photos with Skitch on my iPad. I organized them later on my Mac into different Notebooks. I then deleted all the photos from Skitch on my iPad because my iPad's memory is almost full. I realized that all the phots were then deleted from my evernote? So, Skitch has 'master' control over the future of your photos? Thank you.
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