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  1. No, I'm not. But you are missing mine... It's fine to make feature requests. But you also may receive replies from those who have an opposing view. This is applicable only when installing. If you forget & it gets installed, it's really, really easy to not use it. It doesn't affect the daily use of the app, like other things would. So I would rather EN resources be focused in something else, since (IMO), this is a very minor thing & doesn't affect daily use. I agree that it should get less priority than features that affect day to day use. Nonetheless, I still wanted to voice that this an annoyance and unidiomatic of software installers. Installer modification usually isn't a task that requires a lot of resources either. If it is, well, Evernote has bigger problems. I get that it's "really, really easy not to use", but it's still an issue worth reporting. I'd also like to hear arguments against having a customization step.
  2. It's really, really easy to not use it. You're missing my point. Normally when I install software, I'm given two options: Typical or Custom. The "Custom" option gives me the level of control to choose which features of the install that I don't want. For example, I don't want Outlook Integration, therefore I should be able to disable it. Currently, whenever I upgrade Evernote, I'm forced to shutdown Outlook, even if I've disabled the plug-in in Outlook. I realize this is a trivial request, but I find it annoying, especially since so many other software installers do this already. But these little things affect my Evernote experience (don't get me started on tabs).
  3. Greetings, One feature that I would absolutely love to see is an option to disable Evernote Outlook integration during an install/upgrade. I prefer not use this feature and it would be polite of the installer to ask or at least give me the option of controlling this feature. Forcing me to shutdown Outlook without an explanation is also quite annoying. Thanks.
  4. Greetings, I recently downloaded Evernote for Windows and wanted to make a few suggestions that would improve the experience (at least for me): * Keyboard customization. I use Visual Studio and Notepad++ a lot, which map F3 to "Find Next". I would love to be able to change this from Ctrl-g. * When I search for something in a note, I'll expect Esc to close the search box and put the text cursor immediately after the end of the text that I just searched for. Instead focus always seems to go to the top of the note. This is very frustrating! * The "Related Notes" section that appears underneath a note seems to cause some rendering glitches when I scroll. Scrolling up seems sluggish until the Elephant image has completely disappeared. It creates a tugging effect while scrolling up a note. It's a little hard to describe the issue, but Everynote always seems to chug slightly while the Elephant image and Related Notes section are visible. Thanks, Dave
  5. Uh, OpenDocument is XML-based. WebODF is perfectly capable as a renderer. Huh? It's a note-taking tool. How can it not be a text editor? That's a shame... and very lazy of the developers. Googling for "Evernote" and "tabs" brings up a decent amount of hits for this problem. It puzzles me that a much needed feature is being ignored.
  6. That sounds like a questionable design decision. Why not just support a format that's designed for this, such as OpenDocument or OOXML? The choice to use XHTML just leads to a crippled text editor.
  7. Greetings, I've found Evernote's broken tab functionality to be very frustrating. There are even posts going back over a year talking about this. Is there any time frame for when this might be fixed? I tend to write a lot of notes that have small snippets of code with comments to the side that annoyingly never line up because tabs are jacked up. This behavior really needs to exhibit what you might find in pretty much any reliable text editor. Even notepad gets this right. Sorry if I'm a bit ornery, but this is really making it hard for me to enjoy Evernote. Thanks, Dave
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